Out of the Wilderness - Rediscovering Ernest Bloch

Sunday 2 November 2014

Many great artists have met the challenges of the power of Ernest Bloch’s music – few more splendidly than the three world renowned musicians that came together, at IEBS’ invitation, in the Recital Hall at the Royal College of Music. See the flyer


Raphael Wallfisch with John York, Rivka Golani with Michael Hampton, Natalie Clein

Internationally acclaimed cellists Raphael Wallfisch and Natalie Clein who had recently recorded Schelomo for Cello and Orchestra and violist Rivka Golani who has recorded Bloch’s viola suites spoke to noted Bloch Scholar and consultant to IEBS, Alexander Knapp about how they first encountered Bloch, what drew them to his music and shared their insights into performing it with an enthralled audience of over 100 including some 30 students.

In what was an inspired masterclass, Rivka performed the Viola suite of 1919, Raphael played a very early unpublished cello sonata and one of his three sketches from Jewish life, and Natalie performed song from that group.  The event raised funds for the IEBS Bloch masterclass programme.

From left to right: Geraldine Auerbach, Rivka Golani, Natalie Clein, Raphael Wallfisch, Alexander Knapp

Listen to the JMI radio programme Bloch at the RCM . Gil Karpas interviews Alex Knapp, Raphael Wallfisch and Natalie Clein with music from the cellists.

Hear Rivka Golani perform the Viola suite of 1919 recorded on 2 November at Royal College of Music by her student Yohei Nakajima and uploaded to YouTube with her permission.

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